Our History

We are a medical device company that creates simple innovative products to improve the daily experience of caregivers and their patients. REDpoint was founded in March 2008 by three individuals, Chuck Nokes, Valerie Vance, and Ronald Ames, as a privately held C-Corporation.

The Versatilt®, a durable medical device that allows caregivers to position wheelchair patients for treatment eliminating chair transfers, was introduced in late 2008 and is currently being sold internationally as a Safe Patient Handling device, it crosses through practices and protocols for dentistry, podiatry, physical therapy, wound care, personal foot & hair care as well as helping to reduce the incidence of pressure sores.

The Stedline® product line is a series of primary tubing stabilization devices that significantly improve patient comfort, IV efficiencies, and safety, resulting in reduced IV care cost as well as increasing patient & care provider satisfaction. The first product in the line, the Stedline® IV Sleeve, began shipping in November 2011. The Stedline PICC Sleeve is in analysis with real patient use and the Stedline Central Line Vest is in prototype stages.

REDpoint’s devices are internally invented, developed & are covered with patent protections. All professional services, development, and manufacturing are handled through our manufacturing partners, Genesis and Treske.

The Stedline IV Sleeve and the Versatilt have won multiple awards for innovation and safety. Additionally, the Company possesses the patent for a simple solution to a common infection carrier problem, the stethoscope. The Stethosafe can be intuitively located for easy use, will be very cost-effective and has the potential of helping to greatly reduce infections that are stethoscope transferred.