The Versatilt Story

REDpoint has re-engineered this device to enhance its medical and therapeutic features. This safe patient handling device can tilt a wheelchair and its occupant back, stopping at any to provide the best care in the most optimum ergonomic position possible. It safely supports up to 750 pounds of wheelchair and seated individual.

The Versatilt’s story is exciting. Initially developed to bring pressure relief to a family member who suffered with Multiple Sclerosis, the Versatilt has evolved into a dynamic, door-opening opportunity for many professionals to provide a higher level of service for individuals in wheelchairs. This state-of-the-art, safe patient handling device has arrived just in time. With more and more people in wheelchairs, it offers practical solutions to caregivers in a variety of professional settings.


The Versatilt eliminates chair-to-chair transfers of the wheelchair individual who needs to receive professional services. Optimal safety, care and comfort are now guaranteed by using the Versatilt. Services such as dental care, wound care, diabetic foot care, podiatric services, physical therapy, personal hygiene care and individual private home use are some exciting examples. It also provides pressure relief which can reduce the incidence of decubitus ulcers (bed sores).

The story doesn’t end there! Professionals and caregivers, whether in institutions, hospitals, clinics, or in private home care, now have a solution to the problem of injuries received when caring for wheelchair patients. The body-bending contortion which occurs while providing care to those in a wheelchair often result in injuries. Many have had to give up their practices due to unbearable physical discomfort. One dentist commented that his chiropractor and acupuncturist had done all they could for him. He determined that only through owning a Versatilt would he be able to continue in his practice!